Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Walls of Rome

Yesterday was quite a day. There was another tour with the students, this time about the walls of Rome. We were meeting at the Pirimide. On our walk to the Pirimide, we passed by the Circus Maximus with the ruins of Palatine Hill in the background. The Circus Maximus was not as impressive as I thought it was going to be. It is nothing more than a dirt track so you really have to use your imagination of what it looked like back in the day of its glory.

Our meeting place - the Pirimide. Built in 12 B.C., it is integrated into one of the walls of Rome.

Unfortunately Oliver didn't like the pace of our tour guide (he is less of a walk-and-talk type and more of a stop and talk and look for a really long time type), so we broke from the group and did our own thing for the rest of the afternoon. Here are some pictures of what we did get to see of the walls of Rome:

From there we crossed over to Trastevere and climbed Gianicolo Hill for some of the best views of Rome. Oliver needed a little cool down first.

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