Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Architecture in Torino

Andy is guest blogger for this post.

While Michele was with Oliver, the class and I were busy exploring the architecture of Torino. Because we are focusing on the Baroque, we were interested in the number of Baroque palazzos and, of course, Guarini, the architect. In addition, Torino has a few classic modern jewels. Here are some of the sites that the class and I visited:

Guarini's Palazzo

The Dome of the Church of San Lorenzo (again Guarini):

Inside the Church of Saint Andrea

The tower peeking out behind this building is Guarini's masterpiece where the Shroud of Turin is kept. We were disappointed to find that we could not visit it due to a fire a few years back that destroyed the inside:

We also went to the Fiat Factory designed in 1926 and recently renovated by Renzo Piano. It was a nice break from the Baroque.

The students said that Torino was their favorite city on the Northern tour.

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