Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Andy and the students had a packed itinerary for our one day stay in Vicenza, so Oliver and I took the day to hang out by ourselves and take it easy. We strolled around the town and took in some of the sites and generally had a pretty relaxing day. Vicenza is a city that revolves around the architect Palladio and his villas. It was a very nice city and here are some of the things we got to see:

The tower of the Basilica Palladiana, which was restored by Palladio in the 1500's:

The Loggia del Capitano, begun by Palladio:

The Teatro Olimpico, which is considered to be Palladio's greatest work:

And then O joined me for a pretty swanky lunch:

In the afternoon, we inquired at the hotel about going to Palladio's famous Villa Rotunda but we were told it was too far to go on foot so we skipped out. We met up with Andy in the evening and had an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Al Pestello - really delicious food. It had to be the best food we have had since we have been in Italy so we highly recommend it if anyone is travelling to Vicenza.
Andy had a completely different experience with the class while in Vicenza so he will be guest blogging again to show and tell about his day - and they made it to Villa Rotunda.

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