Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Before we left for Rome, I bought a guide book for all of Italy, knowing we would be going on these trips to the different regions. Come to find out, my guide book had no mention of Torino in it. It was the host to the 2006 Winter Olympics and a major city in the north of Italy. I could not believe that it was not included in the guide book. After visiting Torino, I now know why. Torino is a large, beautiful, clean city - but it is completely boring. There is nothing here to see and the only thing to do is shop at the stores and boutiques on Via Roma. Here are just a few pictures of our stay n Torino:

Since Andrew was able to see more of the city with the guide and the students he will be a guest blogger when he gets a chance and will be better able to tell and show more about Torino. Oliver and I go at our own pace - we went shopping.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Michele,
I'm a bit surprise about your comments; Turin is at the moment one of the best city in Italy for the offering on arts and culture. It's the greenest city in Italy; there's one of the best nightclubbing in Europe; a lot of important museums and exposition; all along september one of the most important musical festival in the most suggestive places of the city. Capital of Baroque with Castles, squares, 18 Km of monumental porticos. First capital of Italy with 2000 years of history, a "must" for food and wine; if it's not enough...I'really don't know what you're looking for when you come to a new city. Maybe a good guide-book :-); there's a lot, also free of charge at the turist-info box. Or you can download audio guide from the web site of the city...some useful link :


Michele said...

Ciao Mauro!
Thanks for the information. I only had a day and a half to spend in Torino and I have an 11 month old son. I didn't get to get around very much. My Husband did get to see a lot of great things during our stay That I wish I could have seen as well, but it was a bit boring for me with the constraints that I have. My husband will be posting what he did in Torino and will hopefully leave the readers of the blog with a better impression.