Monday, September 3, 2007

A Place of Our Own

Saturday we moved in to our permanent residence in Rome after our 17 day stay in a temporary place. I LOVE our new apartment! It is very nice, old yet modern, spacious, and comfortable. There are only two drawbacks: 1) it does not have an oven (a microwave - but I think it doubles as a convection oven) and 2) it has no internet connection. I am posting from the little cafe at the end of our street. It is located in Trastevere right near the Ponte Sisto on a quiet little street. Here are some pics:

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Matthew Bryden said...

a m o

Hi kids...just checking in on you this Labor Day.

I assume the helicoid came with the new modern apartment and you didn't check that through security on your flight. I can hear the conversation now, "Andy, the car seat didn't arrive!"..."But Beez, the helicoid looks great here!!

If you have a chance to get to Turin, there is the great Lingotto Building, aka the Fiat Factory with the test track on the roof. I think Piano restored it a few years back.

Your images look amazing from this side of the world. I check your blog every morning over my bowl of corn flakes...Keep them coming!

Take care.