Saturday, October 6, 2007


Last night we had a totally rockin' party for Oliver's first birthday. We invited all of Andy's students over (22 of them) to help us celebrate. It was a blast and Oliver had a great time. He went crazy, danced to the music, got messy with the chocolate cake and was a totally happy guy. He was in complete amazement when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him. We had a nice spread of food and Bellinis for everyone. A great time was had by all!

Ya - that really cute sweater vest Oliver is wearing - I knit that for him especially for the occasion. And yes - it took me a very long time to clean up that chocolate cake - but it was worth it!


norajean said...

Happy birthday Oliver!!!!
love aunt Nora

Linda Hopson said...

Already have those Italian dance steps mastered! Rock on, birthday boy.

GREAT Aunt Linda and Uncle Mick

Matthew Bryden said...

What a great place to turn 1...Happy Birthday Oliver!!

Allen S said...

I didn't know Oliver was reading already... tell him uncle Al says happy late birthday