Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Appian Way

Today was a beautiful fall day in Rome so we got out there and walked the Appian Way. This quiet, ancient road lies just outside the city center and you are instantly transported to ancient times. The same stones lie in the place they did 2000 years ago.

Our starting point was the church of San Sebastiano, where Oliver played hide and seek.

Then it was a picnic lunch and a nap a little further down the road.

Some sights along the road:

Oliver gets interactive with the ruins:

Ruts worn into the stones after years of traffic:


Anonymous said...

wow - your pictures are great - we feel almost like we're there with you, but still miss you so much!
amore, mamma

Matthew Bryden said...

I hope you are getting by without World Series baseball there. I can only imagine the gladiator matches just aren't the same without cold beer and hot dogs.

Looks like the Boston Yankees, er I mean Red Sox, are going to sweep the Pebbles.

It looks cold there, but looks fun.

Take care.