Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Florence Part 2

The weather on Saturday had turned gray and cold and extremely windy. Luckily, I was prepared and brought Oliver's warm jacket - all he needed was a hat, which we picked up first thing, and he was on the go again. The weather wasn't stopping him.

He played among the statues of the Piazza della Signoria:

A visit to San Lorenzo, the oldest church in Florence, dating from 393 A.D., and the Medici family's church:

Our afternoon destination was the Palazzo Vecchio, the "town hall" of Florence:

On Sunday, our first stop was the Laurentian Library, just inside the cloister attached to San Lorenzo. Michelangelo designed this library in 1524.

The weather on Sunday was worse than Saturday and Oliver was getting sick. Walking around outside was not an option so we decided to go to the Palazzo Pitti, which used to belong to the Medicis but is now a big complex with different galleries housing different types of art. Can you say "rip off"? The ticket prices were very expensive and they grouped the galleries together on two different tickets, so if you wanted to go to different galleries you had to buy separate tickets. Not the greatest museum - I think if the weather had been better we wouldn't have spent our time here.

On the way out of town we stopped at the Baptistry (next to the Duomo) to get a glimpse of the famous bronze doors depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

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