Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are back from the Southern Trip! It was, by far, my favorite trip. The places we visited were amazing and I loved the south of Italy. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative and it rained most of the time and the temperatures were quite cold. I wouldn't recommend to anyone to visit the south of Italy in November. I would have loved to see these places when it was warm and sunny.

The first stop on our trip was Paestum. This place was a pleasant surprise. This town was originally founded by the Greeks in the 7th century B.C. These are the oldest ruins I have seen - 700 B.C.!!!!! The site consists of three temples that are still pretty intact for as old as they are. They are absolutely gorgeous - and huge! The day was one of the only sunny ones of our trip and it was nice to let Oliver stretch his legs in the green grass in front of these beautiful monuments.

The Temple of Athena:

The Temple of Apollo:

The Temple of Hera:

We spent around two hours here and I seriously could have spent a couple more. It was so quiet, relaxing, and picturesque. It was a really great way to start the trip.

Last looks:

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