Friday, November 23, 2007

The Amalfi Coast

It rained the entire ride from Matera to Amalfi so we couldn't really see any scenery once we hit the curvy road that hugged the side of the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and it was dark by the time we arrived in Amalfi. The next morning wasn't very promising either. It was raining and really cold when we woke up. Luckily the rain stopped after breakfast and gave us a break for the day.

In town, we went to the Duomo and the Cloister of Paradise:

From Amalfi, we headed up to the little town of Ravello, high up on the cliffs, overlooking the coast. To do this, we had to take the local bus. I think the driver knew the roads too well - he was flying around the hair pin turns all the way. Either that or it was his first day and he knew nothing of the roads whatsoever. The view from Ravello was amazing.

Up in Ravello, we went to the Villa Cimbrone where their panoramic garden terrace offered the most stunning views of the coast. Oliver fell asleep in his stroller for a nap and it was nice to sit in peace and quiet and look out on this scenerey.

Back in Amalfi for the afternoon, we hung out by the water and let Oliver play, and caught the sun setting on the coast.


Anonymous said...


Grazie! Mi e piaciuto il fotos!


Matthew Bryden said...

Once again...great photos!

Happy Thanksgiving you guys...take care.

Anonymous said...

congratulations for the energy you put into dradding your baby throughout Italy!Your pictures are delightfull!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the energy you put into dragging your baby throughout Italy!Your pictures are delightfull!