Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I loved Naples. It isn't the most beautiful Italian city and there isn't a lot of sightseeing, but its a lot of fun. And the food there is delicious. Naples has to be the most "Italian" city I've been to. The people are loud - everywhere we went they were yelling at each other. We ate dinner one night at this place called Trattoria da Nennella. The waiters were yelling at the chef in the kitchen and the chef was yelling back at the waiters. Everytime someone left the restaurant, all of the waiters yelled "Buona Sera!" really loud at the people who were leaving. At the table next to us, one of the waiters served the woman her food, unwrapped her silverware from her napkin, put the napkin on her lap, took her spoon and started eating her pasta! It was crazy! And the food was good - and cheap! Oliver was so enthralled with the action he didn't make a noise during dinner. We also ate at another great restaurant for lunch. Brandi is the place to go for pizza. This is the place where Margherita pizza was invented. It was delicious - the best pizza I have had so far in Italy. There were pasticerias everywhere with the most delicious pastries. The shopping was really good too, especially the shops on Via Toledo. Naples has a great energy and even though, again, it rained and the temperatures were cold, we had a good time.

The port of Naples (yes, that is Mt. Vesuvius, and yes, it has snow on it. I'm telling you - it was cold!):

View of Capri from Naples:

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Anonymous said...

We just watched a Samantha Brown episode on Naples & the Amalfi Coast last night - that one was in March and cold, too!
Michele, you could do her job!