Sunday, November 4, 2007

And The Band Played On

Favorite thing to do on Sundays: listen to the municipal band play in the Piazza di Monte Citorio
They play every Sunday at 11:00 for around an hour.


Anonymous said...

O MY .....
loved the music; loved seeing O!

actually, we just arrived home from symphony; Beethoven's 5th + 6th today.... what a musical day.
amore, mamma

Anonymous said...

p.s. ... I think O said the same thing Andrew did, many years ago ... Mom, I'm tired of looking at all these butts!

adwords said...

How fun to see my first video of O! He moves. He smiles. How fun.

Aunt Linda and Uncle Mick

Matthew Bryden said...

Great video!

Paniga said...

Well said.